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America's Home Loans

Sonoma County's Leading Home Loan Provider

Your mortgage experts for real estate transactions located in The Great Mill in downtown Petaluma

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  • Easy pre-approvals
  • Credit improvement advice when needed
  • Personal appointments -- in person, phone or Zoom. Book an appointment here.

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Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System

  • Brokers a simply the best option -- read why or watch the video
  • Lower overhead--which translates to a better deal for you. Mortgage brokers work in the wholesale lending channel, and the savings are passed on to the borrower.
  • No fees--we do not charge our clients directly; we are compensated by the lenders that we broker to. There are no hidden add-ons or "junk fees" charged by us--ever!
  • Mortgage brokers have more extensive training and are fully licensed by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and by our state regulator (California Department of Real Estate). We are not only licensed loan officers, but also licensed real estate agents. The process to become a mortgage broker is far more rigorous than what is required to be a mortgage banker. You are dealing with the best in the business.
  • We offer one of the most advanced home-loan process in our industry. Our mortgage applications can be taken online and signed electronically. We then offer you an app for your smartphone and you will receive notifications as each step of the process is completed. You will receive constant updates as your file progresses.

New 2023 conforming loan limits for Sonoma County: Conforming: $726,200 -- Conforming High Balance: $861,350

 Members of The National Association of Mortgage Brokers and The California Mortgage Professionals


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