Construction to Permanent one-time close home loans

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A one-close construction loan makes it simple. Building a custom home takes hundreds of decisions, but paying for it is easy with a one-close construction loan. Instead of getting separate loans for building and buying, you can get one convenient loan to cover both. There’s just one application and one closing, saving you time and money, too. And now, this all-in-one loan includes higher limits, so you may be able to dream even bigger.


  • Loans up to $1.5 million for construction and up to $2 million total
  • Lock in your rate at any time
  • Easy construction draw process
  • One set of closing costs and fees
  • Interest-only payments during construction

First step:

Call us to get fully approved before you spend any of your money on any of the preliminary costs associated with the project. The process is quite fast and simple to complete. (707) 763-7900.